About Digital Marketing in Simple Words

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Digital marketing implies that all types of digital devices are used to promote a product, service or brand according to SamBlogs.

With the help of digital technologies in marketing, you can not only promote goods or services, but also attract new customers or retain existing ones what Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency USA does.

History of digital marketing

Digital marketing tools began to be used back in the 80s of the last century, but the term itself appeared later – only in the 90s. SoftAd Group (modern name – ChannelNet) became one of the pioneers of digital promotion.

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It created an advertising campaign for car dealers. In the course of it, inserts were placed in magazines. Readers had to cut them out and mail them to car dealers, for which they received a free test drive of the car they liked and a floppy disk with commercials. Such an advertising campaign can be safely called digital marketing, since a digital medium was used.


Very often, even experienced professionals confuse the concepts of digital marketing and Internet marketing, there are a lot of differences between them. Of course, these two areas are closely related, but digital marketing is much broader as Digital Marketing Company India can approve. It includes all the tools of Internet promotion and is not limited to them:

  • advertising on digital TV channels;
  • promotion in applications;
  • SMS mailing;
  • “Second Screen”.
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At the same time, traditional, non-digital promotion channels cannot be considered digital marketing. And the differences here are not always on the surface. For example, advertising on conventional TV channels is classified as traditional, and on digital channels it is already digital. And this distinction is very important. It allows you to segment the audience, as well as collect relevant and objective data. For advertising companies, these features are vital.

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