Tips on How to Prepare Jewelry for Selling

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If you decide to take your annoying gold jewelry to a pawnshop or get a short-term loan as collateral for the items, do not rush to go to an appraiser. The degree of your scrupulousness and attentiveness can increase the value of the pawned jewelry. We offer five tips on how to prepare and Sell Gold and other jewelry.

Check the integrity of the jewelry

If the product is broken, for example, the links of the chain are broken or a stone falls out, there is no need to try to fix it yourself. In the process of home renovation, there is a high probability of scratching, bending or causing other damage to the soft gold alloy, which will reduce the value of the item when taking it to a pawn shop.

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Remove additional elements not included in the original design of the decoration

If the product was decorated with additional details (pendants or charms), such accessories must be removed. These elements will not add aesthetic value while you sell platinum or other jewelry, but will be accepted by the pawnshop as scrap. Do not try to remove non-removable additional decor yourself, so as not to damage the decoration and reduce the cost.

Find a complete set of documents for the jewelry

The fulfillment of this point will determine whether the pawnshop will accept the product as jewelry or as scrap. This is especially important to do when handing over branded jewelry. The cost of evaluating a product with an original passport, certificate and brand packaging will be higher. If there are no documents or are missing, such a product will be accepted and subsequently used only as scrap. Keep certificates from precious stones.

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By following these simple rules, you can put your jewelry up for sale without any doubt.

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