How to Immigrate to Spain with Investment

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According to Immigration Lawyer Madrid, there are effective ways and less effective. The less effective ones are Non Lucrative Visa Spain and Digital Nomad Visa Spain. The easiest way to become a Spanish citizen is to obtain a residence permit through investment. You can follow the way of getting Golden Visa Spain. With this option, it is possible to move to Spain after 3 months. This will allow you to raise your standard of living to the European level. A Spanish residence permit can serve as a reserve airfield for cases of changes in the situation in the politics or economy of the native country.

How to move to Spain and apply for citizenship?

Foreign citizens can obtain a passport if the period of residence in it exceeds 10 years in the status of a residence permit or permanent residence in Spain. Residence is considered to be staying in the state for at least half of the days of the year. It should be understood that staying in Spain during this time, a citizen automatically becomes a tax resident and should opt for services of tax advisor Spain. This status obliges you to pay taxes. This type of Spanish payments is quite expensive; few people are willing to pay it.

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How to go to Spain and get a residence permit

There is an acceptable and more universal way for a larger number of citizens to officially register themselves in Spain. This is to become an investor through a government program. Just get Investor Visa Spain.

The application can be accepted from any secured citizen of another country. Together with him, a residence permit will be issued to his family, which can be considered a wife and children under the age of 26. That is, they must be financially dependent on the main applicant.

Immigration to Spain by Residency by investment Spain occurs as follows.

The investor must be of legal age, that is, over 18 years old. In order to move to Spain, he must be a law-abiding citizen. He needs to sign a contract with a medical insurance company and stay in Spain for at least 7 days a year.

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The state program implies 4 types of investments:

  • Acquisition of Spanish real estate. The investment amount is at least 500 thousand euros. An investor can buy not only one object. After 5 years, the owner can sell the property and get his money back.
  • Investments in the form of a bank deposit or the purchase of promotional securities of Spanish organizations. Also, after five years, the shares can be sold, and the money can be withdrawn from the deposit.
  • Investments in bonds of the Spanish state in the amount of 2 million euros. Spain undertakes to repay the debt to the investor in 5 years.
  • The investor must invest in a business with an amount of money of at least 1 million euros. At the same time, the state must coordinate the activities. The term of the company’s existence is not limited.

The most understandable and less risky way to move to Spain is to invest in the purchase of real estate.

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