Separate Waste Collection in the Office

person throwing the plastic in bin

How to organize separate waste collection in the office? Why is this necessary? How to combine the functionality of the workplace and modern requirements for office waste collection?

Combining waste collection and functionality with office design is possible and easy with SONGMICS.

Paper waste

If we talk about the garbage that is mainly generated in the office, then it is paper. Besides this, there are other types of waste. In this case, is separate garbage collection possible? Yes, it is. There should be more bins for paper waste. Wherever possible, throughout the office and workplace. This will allow employees not to experience inconvenience in their work.

person separating the rubbish
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The rest of the waste can be collected to rubbish bin where it is most often expected

  • in the kitchen
  • in the toilet
  • at vending machines

Why do you need to collect garbage separately, especially in the office?

Concern for the environment is the main motivation. For example, recyclable materials are made from caps from plastic bottles, which are then used to produce stationery (pen caps, files), disposable tableware, etc.

It is important to understand that with the main collection points of glass, PET, aluminum, it is better to place a bin for mixed waste. So, for example, after drinking coffee from a plastic cup, the cup will be thrown into one trash can, and the stir stick or tea bag will be thrown into another. Find a company that deals with the removal and processing of separate waste. Removing recyclable waste (separately) costs less than all in a pile.

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How to distinguish

It is better to mark/highlight trash bins installed in the office with a bright color, or mark them in a special way. For what? So that employees have a clear idea of what kind of garbage can be thrown away where.

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