Aspects of Renting a Private Aircraft

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Every wealthy person has a private jet, for example, private jet Tenerife, but only in the movies. In real life, it can be expensive to maintain your own aircraft, even for wealthy people, especially if they do not fly so often. Therefore, the service of renting a private plane is gaining popularity every year. Commercial aircraft rental accounts for the lion’s share of the industry.

How to order a plane rental?

People rent business jets for different purposes:

  • VIP charter: the client gets a comfortable cabin with all amenities, avoids long checks and huge queues, chooses the time and direction.
  • Long-term aircraft rental is suitable for those who fly more than 40 hours a month.
  • Empty-Leg is a certain section of the air route along which a private plane follows empty, and therefore it can be handed over to other passengers in advance at a low price. The cost of an Empty-Leg flight is 30-60% cheaper than the cost of a regular charter flight.
  • Group charter is often used by corporate companies.
  • Medical charter for the transportation of patients is equipped with special equipment and places for bedridden patients and their attendants.
  • Charter to inaccessible areas. The main thing is that there is a runway at the destination, and the city itself accepts such flights.
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Before you rent a plane, it’s worth remembering a few rules. So, it is better to book a flight at least a day in advance. The earlier you apply, the wider the choice of aircraft is. It is necessary to conclude a contract with the company that organizes the charter flight. A passenger ticket for a business jet is not needed. Registration with customs control takes place in a simplified form.

What factors affect the cost of renting an airplane

There are quite a few circumstances that affect the cost of renting a private plane.

  • Date, route, time. Like “mass” flights, business jet flights on holidays and during the holiday seasons will cost more.
  • Type of business jet. Private aircraft is divided into several categories. These are small turboprop aircraft, as well as light, medium and heavy jet aircraft. VIP airliners and large airliners with a capacity of up to 150 people stand apart.
  • Type of service. Any additional requests for service entails expenses. For example, special dietary preferences. On average, the cost of such services for a one-way flight is 500 euros.
  • Availability of available aircraft. The cost of renting an aircraft also depends on the number of available boards and crews at the moment.
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In addition, the cost of renting an air-plane with a crew largely depends on the brokerage commission. The business aviation market is complex and, alas, not completely transparent. It is controlled by brokers who rent planes from carriers and “resell” them at a higher price. Thus, the customer does not know neither the name of the aircraft’s owner, nor the initial cost of the lease. In different cases, the commission share may vary from 5 to 50% for different brokers. Brokers appoints the commission at their discretion, using various schemes.

Source: private jet flights UK

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