Great Solution For Creating Shadows On Any Site

Great Solution For Creating Shadows On Any Site

Shade canopies are a great solution for your site. is ready to develop a design concept of any shape, perform the necessary strength calculations and develop documentation and design drawings for the shade.

Main characteristics of shades

The main purpose of the solution: sunlight protection for shading of the site. The shade is made using a system that embodies the trends of modern textile architecture.

The shade can be executed in one colour scheme with reliable fasteners, racks and foundations that ensure safe use even for children’s institutions. A completely ready-made shade solution can be adapted for sites of any functional purpose.

Main characteristics of shades
Image by Talpa from Pixabay

Such a solution of shade structure is suitable for construction:

  • of sunlight protection solutions for outdoor spaces and art spaces
  • of places for events for children’s institutions, camps, preschool institutions
  • of venues for events, lectures, entertainment animation for the hotel complex and sanatoriums
  • of shades for resort and beach hotels, apartment hotels
  • of a tent for recreation and entertainment parks
  • of a shade for the stage of the open-air theatre
  • of a shade for restaurant complexes.

If you are interested in the cost of a ready-made solution, contact professionals. They will tell you more about this solution and the cost of the system of shades or discuss the possibility of adapting a shade for your space. Experts perform the entire complex of turnkey works, implement modern textile architecture projects.

system of shades
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Do you want to install a shade on your own? It is always possible to install a ready-made shade on your own with the help of individual instructions that will be developed for you for each project. However, remember that installation supervision from experts is a professional control of the installation process and the necessary consultations.

May 1, 2021