How To Profitably Earn On The Dollar Exchange Rate

How To Profitably Earn On The Dollar Exchange Rate

It seems that it is impossible to build a new stable business in the current global situation due to pandemics, famine, energy problems, wars, disasters. However, enterprising people in such times multiply their fortunes. Find out how this is possible, using the example of Argentina, where they use the opportunity of cambio cupo dola.

Problem and solution

Argentines earn in local pesos and it’s hard for them, because the salary level is growing much slower than the inflation in the country. Every smart Argentinian prefers to exchange pesos for dollars.

Problem and solution
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Still, it is not easy for an Argentine to buy dollars at the official exchange rate. The government has set quotas for purchases: no more than $ 200 per month per citizen. To acquire them, you need to go through a complex bureaucratic process. Therefore, there are few people who are ready to brag in official situation: “Compro cupo en dolares”.

Still, anyone can buy dollars without limits in private exchangers at an unofficial exchange rate, which is 2.3 times more than the official one. The total turnover of this market is more than $ 50 million per day and has an ever-growing potential. The existing crisis inside the country only increases the standard of living of people receiving external income in dollars.

Make money in Argentina!

There are 2 main ways:

  1. Exchange of crypto USDT dollars for cash USD dollars and back.

The commission for exchanging USDT for cash US dollars in Argentina is 4-6%.

Exchange of crypto USDT dollars for cash USD dollars and back
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Types of operations:

  • USDT is sold for USD in Uruguay through exchangers.
  • USD is sold for USDT in Argentina to residents and tourists.

Benefit: 2-4% of the transaction amount.

  1. Payments through Companies

Earnings are based on the purchase of goods and services outside Argentina in dollars at the official exchange rate. All activities are official and legal, with which taxes are paid.