Investing in equestrian sports

safety stirrups

The scope of the global horse industry often surprises the layman, and financial performance exceeds many expectations. For example, the annual turnover of the world equestrian betting exceeds US$ 110 billion: part of this money – about US$ 3.5 billion – goes to finance the prize funds of horseracing. The largest prize fund – US$ 30 million – belongs to the Dubai World Cup.

In general, the sport horse market is structured in such a way that 80% of amateurs sponsor 20% of professionals who provide services for the preparation and sale of horses. The main buyers of high quality sport horses are ambitious young riders and amateur athletes. Indeed, in equestrian sports there is an unwritten rule that the best teacher is an experienced horse.

Good outfit is the key to success

A huge responsibility lies on the rider’s outfit, because the choice of equipment determines the outcome of a training or competition. It is important that all necessary things for equestrian sports are comfortable and safe, such as safety stirrups.

Quality equipment

Stirrups come in different types, configurations, materials and prices. The safety stirrups of Ophenaa are made so that the magnetic insole is attached to the stirrup due to the different polarity. This ensures a safe ride for the rider and prevents him from falling. These stirrups can be used in any weather: in snow, hail, in heat – the position of the leg will not change, you will not slip under any circumstances.

There are two models Ophena S and Ophena T, they are not very different from each other, the difference is that one of them is a little newer. When choosing a model, you also choose the color and size of the stirrup insole. You even get a 5% discount on your first order.