Printing business: what you need to know when buying equipment

Printing business: what you need to know when buying equipment

What should you look for if you have decided to buy screen printing equipment for development of the printing business? Recently, many companies have appeared that are engaged in the sale of branded, home-made and used equipment. There are very few professional firms who do this, so people who have never done silk-screen printing are trying to occupy this niche. However, if you want to find a good supplier, go to the website

When you purchase equipment, you must first imagine what you are purchasing it for. Perhaps you need a completely different type of printing: pad, flexographic or offset one. Mainly silk-screen printing equipment is divided into two main types: textile and graphic printing. General requirements when choosing bottle screen printing machine for these two types of printing are the following points:

Initially, you must find out for the manual or automatic (semi-automatic) screen printing equipment you want to purchase, it depends on the print runs you plan to make. The seller of equipment should give you information on the performance of this equipment (max. number of prints per hour). You may not have to overpay extra money, and you will completely manage manually.

The maximum print size and maximum frame size that can be installed in the machine. The principle, the bigger the better, in this case will make you spend more money, since a large print format is not only a more expensive machine, but also an exposition device, a tensioner, frames and a dryer.

It’s no secret that you pay a significant part of the cost of a machine for a brand that gives you a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the equipment you choose. It’s worth it.

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay