Invest in Tiktok – make money

Invest in Tiktok – make money

Tiktok is a social network for mobile users with two publication formats: videos lasting 15-60 seconds or live video broadcasting. TikTok was created by Bytedance in China in 2016 and is known as Douyin there. TikTok’s audience grew fast from 500 million in June 2018 to 800 million in October 2018.

Making a video in TikTok is very simple: there is a built-in editor, and ability to pause recording solves the problem of editing a movie from fragments.

It is worth noting that only people with a large number of subscribers can truly earn in this application, which is why many tiktokers buy tiktok followers. The earning potential of users of this social network is limited: you cannot put an external link, so bloggers at TikTok can either provide brand advertising services or redirect visitors to their Instagram or YouTube account. As of October 2019, the following ways of earning are available to the ticker:

  • Advertising of other people’s profiles;
  • Monetization of live broadcasts by gifts;
  • Collaboration with brands;
  • Sale of own goods or services.

The TikTok blogger can mention another user via “@” in his video post. You can earn by advertising users of social networks and their creativity having large audience. In addition, specific TikTok formats such as “duet” and “reaction” make it easy to draw attention to another profile. For example, little-known musicians need references to draw attention to their work. The process of such earnings is as follows: the musician has created a track and appeals to bloggers with a request to make their own clip for the customer’s music; users shoot a video mentioning the author of the track; the video gets huge coverage, the musician becomes famous, and the blogger makes money. Making money there is as easy as ABC!

Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay